Monsters Season 2


Tarentule, or Tarentula as Odd named it, is a new monster of XANA looking like a spider. It's equiped with high energy laser causing -20 points of life per impact.
Its lasers are at the end of its forward paws. It's also smarter than the first generation monsters of XANA.It's capable to avoid our friends shooting.
It's appeared for the first time in New Order and surprised our heros who were at the beginnig unable to defeat it. Thinking it's invincible, they were surprised in Unchartered territory, when Odd destroy it with the help of Aelita.
He understanded where the weekpoint is, on the top of the head. Nevertheless, it's not easy, because this new monster is clever and agile ; even with the new vehicules Jérémie programmed at his friends disposal..
This monster can be considered as the "Big Boss" of the four outer territories.


Those new monsters appear, for now, only in the fifth territory ; they seem to be its guardian. They put our heros into troubles too, they are a evidence of the power of XANA. They have a strong body and a kind of sticky and grey tail. They move creeping.
Its lasers, much more larger than the other monsters ones, cause a loss of 40 life points when they hit an hero.


New monster appearing for the first time in the fifth territory but able to move on every territory. Its aim is not to destroy our heros but apparently to steal Aelita's memory. It uses its tentacles to do so, its tentacle becoming pink for the process. It's very large and it wears the eye of XANA on the front of its face. It's very difficult to destroy but hits make it stop its actions and fly away.


Kinf of flying fishes, black and white, flying by group of three at least. They try to stop our heros to leave the fith territory.By raising its power, XANA can send it on the outer territories et equip it with floating mines. They also have powerful laser beams...

Clem (written June 1, 2005, updated March 1, 2006) for

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