Yumi's parents

Akiko Ishiyama is the mother. Takeho Ishiyama is the father.

Yumi's parent may be an ideal couple : strongly linked, watching in the same direction, they seem to form a bloc in front of which Yumi is sometimes lonely and disarmed. Coming from Japan, they emigrated in France when Yumi was still a little girl. The family lives in a cosy home, in Paris suburb, no far from Kadic junior high school. We don't know the parents' jobs, but we can guess mister Ishiyama is an executive in a big compagny. 

Quite severe, they grant a large importance to japanese traditions. Yumi is very respectful with her parents, a bit afraid-like. They have not a conniving relationship : there is a little distance between Yumi and her parents, even if they deeply love them each other.

Lyokophile (written April 4, 2004) for www.codelyoko.net
Translation by Pete