Sissi and her gang

Sissi Delmas

She is the Kadic headmaster’s single daughter ; her real name is Elisabeth Delmas. She probably lost her mother, for she lives alone with her father as a boarding student in Kadic.
This teenager girl, in the same 8th grade class than the boys of the gang, is not very mature. Her look, as her rather ridiculous nickname, correspond with her character. Always wearing excentric « lolita » clothes, she looks like a kid more than a teenager, and has an image of a superficial girl with a poor personality. 
Very egocentric and proud of herself, she expects to be the star of the school, puting herself above the others, and using her father if necessary. Because of her bad character, she doesn’t bear criticism or annoyance : she uses to see boys at her feet, and keep her « rivals » out from her boyfriends. She considers those who don’t are on her side as enemis, for example Yumi, whose character is the opposite of Sissi’s one.
She excels in peoples manipulation, particularly her father, who is dedicated to his lovely daughter, who take advantage of him. However, she is immature and kidish and she is not a good student. Always blunderer, she doesn’t realize she is often ridiculous ; in addition, she can have desastrous initiatives.
This little pest doesn’t have only friends : Odd uses every occasion to make fun of her, making her upset and unable to reply ; and Yumi keep her distances with her.
Actually, Sissi is secretly in love with Ulrich, she does everythings she can to be attractive for him, somtimes by unfair ways (using blackmail in « Log Book » or making Ulrich and Yumi arguing in « Routine » and, in swarming attack, when she hurts Ulrich about Yumi) and she try to move Yumi away, because she understood Ulrich and Yumi’s feelings for each other, Although they are repressed.
By means of spying Ulrich, she right knows the gang is linked by a secret, not only by friendship, but she doesn’t know what. Since then, it’s harder for our heros to keep this secret and their « cover operations », for Sissi is decided to break this mystery, and, why not, to join the gang. However, the secret is still a secret : thanks to the return toward the past.
Yet, we have to precise that Sissi can be useful and help the gang in bad situations. She can be friendly too, but regrettably too rarely.

Hervé and Nicolas

Those two kids are in the same class than Sissi. They are her pets, always obeying her. Always following her, they come with her for every piece of mischief. They don’t seem to think a lot, especially Nicolas, appearing a bit stupid and despicable. And Siss don’t hesitate to use these faithful and reliable friends
About look, they are not perfect : Hervé’s clothes are unesthetic, his hair looks like a wig. Nicolas wears a too short shorts and a fade T-shirt.
In the other hand, Hervé enjoys strong intellectual capabilities. He is a sort of Jérémie in Sissi’s gang, even if their characters are extremely different. Secretly in love for Sissi, Hervé trys to keep the other boys away from her, especially Ulrich. Furthermore, they helped several times our heros, as Sissi did, for example in The Robots, when Hervé help the gang to defeat the androids of XANA. As Yumi says, Hervé have a bright side, but uneasy to detect.

Cl_Xana (written December 19, 2004) for