Ulrich Stern

1st and 2nd season : Yumi is 13 years old (8th grade)
3rd and 4th season : Yumi is 14 years old (9th grade)
In the second season, appears the Overbike created by Jérémie

13 year old only child, Ulrich is a pleasant boy, although not very talkative. He has a secret part, accepted by his friends. But he is a very faithful friend and a brave boy. Actually, he is a strong and capital member of the Lyoko team, as the others. 
His feelings for Yumi are very clear, but neither Yumi nor Ulrich seem to have the courage to take the first step. They are undoubtably made to go together, but they don’t want to admit it. On the other hand, Ulrich is strictly insensible in the so-called charm of Sissi, the lolita of the school, despite many boys would not say not! She loves Ulrich, who is effectively better that most of the other schoolboys, but too pretty and smart for her. 
On Lyoko, Ulrich is an extremely effective warrior. With his saber he can as well destroy any monster in close combat than deflect laser beams. 
His gift in Penchak-Silat exists as well on the real world than on Lyoko. Indeed, he trains harshly in sport, particularly in pentchak-silat, an indonesian combat style permitting to strike any opponent. He is probably the most dangerous of the gang, in both worlds, and not any schoolboy, even the brawnyiest ones, dare to attack him.

Nicoluve (written December 23, 2004) for www.codelyoko.net
Translation by Pete