Madam Suzanne Hertz

The least we can say is that this teacher wears well her name. This lady is completly lunatic, therefore pupils alternate between sympathy and antipathy for those who alternate between outburst and surprise classwork in few seconds. Severe, she is respected by her students. Very sensitive to Jérémie good results, she thinks about him, with reason, he is her best student, which make Hervé upset, who would like more consideration from her.
She is, in a way, a ally of the gang, because her lessons give a lot of ideas to Jérémie to fight XANA (gas, nanotechnology, mad robots or nuclear power plants). Her advices are true weapons that save the gang several times. Indeed, a lot of attacks of XANA come from Mrs Hertz classroom, as the defense means.
As a conclusion, this teacher is not really a secondary character.

Cl_Xana (written December 27, 2004) for