Monstres de la saison 4


Kolosse the final boss is generated by XANA to stop the Lyoko warriors.
A hundred supercomputers are needed to virtualize a single Kolosse.
It measures about 40 meters, has a body covered with stones and lava and impressive strength, however, it is highly vulnerable to hero because of its very slow.
It is necessary to destroy touching her eyes XANA is the only monster to own several. Once the monster struck, it does not disappear like its counterparts, but collapsed and lava cools once molten reinforcing the idea that the Lyoko warriors destroyed the final boss and that nothing can stop them.


Kongre is the first monster met by our heroes in the network.
This new minion is the sentinel of the seabed, his eyes tires bursts of laser beams.
The eye X.A.N.A. is on the tail of Kongre difficult to achieve, but the Lyoko warriors have sufficiently powerful torpedoes aboard NavSkids to kill these creatures.


Rekins strips fighting our Lyoko warriors , supporters of William in battle, their powerful lasers at the bottom of their mouths could well cause problems for Lyoko warriors.


The Kalamar is a monster, it is a strategy of attack.
This monster is able to cling to Skidbladnir and pierce the hull of the vessel to extract Aelita and cause the loss of Lyokoguerrière. Unfortunately for XANA, this tactic Episode 88 Cousins ​​enemies did not work.

Clem (written June 1, 2005, updated March 1, 2006) for

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