Milly Solovieff and Tamiya Diop

Those two 6th grade little girls are very admirative for our heros, that they respect as olders. They are an example to follow, they would like to look like them later.
Close characters, they have a lot of common points. However, Milly seems to be more unconscious, more fearless, more « kid » than her friend Tamiya, who is more reasonable and discreet. Usually, they keep up good relationships with the heros : they are particulary close from Odd because of his player and childish character, and they trust the faithful Yumi.
As a lot of girls of Kadic, Milly and Tamiya are very admirative for Ulrich, especially Milly. Ulrich is for her an ideal boy : tall, strong, beautiful, and smart. It seems that only the difference of age make her to give the idea of being his girlfriend up. Nevertheless, Milly choose him to be her rider for Kadic Party in Teddy Gozilla, making Sissi more jealous than usual.

They look like fashion, like girls of their age, but more esthetic and discreet than the flashy headmaster’s girl.
Not yet teenagers, those to girls try to look like more old and be more mature. For that, they are active and inventive, they attend Kadic clubs, especially Journalism club. Actually, they write « Les échos de Kadic », a scholar newspaper reporting every events of the junior highschool (sport events, parties, exhibitions…) and gossip too. With an camera in the hands and a camcorder, they track informations everywhere, that make her irritating, especially for our heros, who want the keep their secrets, even if the two « paparazzi » don’t suspect anything about the gang.

Young, curious, they are therefore carefree, their main default. When XANA attack the school, they unfortunatly use to go into trouble, and therefore they are particularly vulnerable, for example in « Just in time » they are locked in a falling building, and they’re saved in-extremis by Odd.
Both of them don’t like Sissi, who belittle and make a fool of they because they’re young and naive, too much curious, and more of all too much actracted by Ulrich.


Cl_Xana (written December 28, 2004) for