Jim Moralés

Jim Moralès is the general custodian of the Kadic junior highschool, but also the professor of physical education and sports for our heroes. 

Of a mean character, hot-tempered, and not very sophisticated at first glance, his profile is not neccessarily the most gratifying. Always dressed in his ever-present sports gear, appearing rather sloppy, he is nevertheless a competent sportsman: black belt in martial arts (Karate, probably), fan of bodybuilding and calesthenics, as well as a variety of athletics. Being heavily involved, he also directs his efforts elsewhere, including maintaining order in the secondary school, which is far from an easy task. This omnipresent Jim also seems to have taken it into his head to want to be strongly authoritarian, which has the effect that he is disliked, or even detested by the pupils. 

Naïve, as clumsy as it is possible to be, bumbling, his attitude can make him ludicrous, but our heroes find it difficult deal with him. And with good reason! This sinister-looking custodian, not as stupid as he seems, really suspects that the behaviours of Ulrich, Odd, Jérémie and Yumi are far from being inconsequential. He senses that they have a secret to be concealed, and he well intends to discover it. With this in view, he spies on the simplest activities and incidents of the group, severely complicating their tasks. Indeed, Jim always appears where he is least wanted, at the most inopportune moments. 

In the process, his paranoiac attitude can incur the wrath of the school Principal, who will even have occasion to fire him (in "Code: Earth"). Bravely having joined the band of four, he will have occasion, in episode "False Start", to show the true person who hides under the surface, to know someone clever, brave, reckless,and extremely audacious. 

So, behind the figure of the strict custodian of the boarding school hides a being having larger human qualities, who really is not to be considered an adversary, but rather as a comical pest.

Cl_Xana (written December 24, 2004) pour www.codelyoko.net
Translation by Chauve-Souris