Mister Jean-Pierre Delmas

Mr. Delmas, the headmaster of Kadic Junior High, is a man of about fifty years, endowed with considerable experience from a long career in this field. 

A widower, he lives with his only daughter Elizabeth (Sissi) at the school, and dedicates himself solely to his job and to the education of his daughter, the things he holds most dear in the world. 

Always dressed in his standard suit and necktie, with large spectacles on his face, he can appear rather strict -- even severe. But behind this stereotype of the old strict headteacher hides a person of great gentleness, forgiving and understanding, but who under no circumstances shirks his headteacher's role by any excess of lenience. Although he is beyond their age group, he has no difficulty in understanding and communicating with his pupils, avoiding as often as possible penalizing them or punishing them unfairly. His experience in education allows him to become a forceful principal, who knows how to defuse conflicts between pupils and/or teachers before they take on big proportions. His character is the extreme opposite of that of Jim, who prefers using strong-arm tactics in most cases (often unsuccessfully). 

Very concerned about his pupils, he is preoccupied with their scholastic success, and does everything he can to make them comfortable in the school. Not very much of a disciplinarian, he tries to make life more pleasant at Kadic, for instance by organizing special events like sports matches or celebrations, or else by encouraging the personal initiatives of his pupils who want to devote themselves to scholastic activities. 

His main source of anxiety is undoubtedly his daughter Sissi, whose cynical and hypocritical character is not what he would prefer to see. Having raised her by himself, he often gives way to despair at her outlook so different from his own, but he ends up being comparatively lenient towards his "dear little daughter", who definitely understands the benefits of having so "powerful" a father as hers. She, wanting to distance herself from her father, actually with her attitude can seriously complicate his tasks, as in the episode "Satellite" where she becomes the leader of a "strike" by the pupils for a trivial cause (the confiscation of cellphones that they bring to classes). 

Regarding Lyoko, this headmaster has very little idea of the clandestine activities of that quartette of pupils, and this situation is encouraged by them to continue

Cl_Xana (written December 29, 2004) for www.codelyoko.net
Translation by Chauve-Souris